My name is Léanie, creator of the South African beauty blog called Leah Beauty.  I remember when I was very young that my sister had a stunning peach shade that I have borrowed so many times  to paint my nails with, since I had a t-shirt with peach flowers and that shade that rocked my look! Even today when i'm in the beauty isle i will take a look and hope maybe today I will find THAT shade again!

Furthermore I always loved bubble-baths! Every year and for my birthdays I would receive some bubble-baths all nicely wrapped up - oh the joys of receiving gifts, will always excites me!

Later on the love of photography had me hooked!  It started with taking pictures for my mother with her display's that she had done for school and church bazaar's.

So here are my blog that I enjoy spending my free time on writing blog post that are all related to beauty related items like nail polish, skin and nail care, but there might be an occasional post about fashion and personal female hygiene .  All my postings will be my honest thoughts, some product would not always receive a great review, since some products might not be suited for my skin type etc.

So let's get a little bit more personal....

I live in Cape Town, South Africa with my parents. They really support me in everything I do and i'm blessed to still have them in my life.

FOOD: I really like to nibble on dried apples and figs / berries are my favourite fruit anytime. Smoothies, muffins (blueberry) and Fish & Chips!

BOOKS: My favourite Afrikaans author are Susan Coetzer and for English authors are Karen Kingsbury, Beverly Lewis and lastly the man who really knows how to write romantic novels are Nicolas Sparks.

MOVIES: Mr Holland's Opus, Dirty Dancing. I simply can't remember how many times I have watched these two movies and I will always be over the moon when it's on the Television!

COLOUR: My all time favourite colour are blue, doesn't matter the shade.  I think it's due to the fact that it reminds me of the sea and that alone have the ability to make me feel relaxed and at ease.

SOAPIE: What can I say 7de Laan are my one and only soapie that I still watch from the beginning!

COLLECTIONS: I'm a huge fan of fairies, the wall above my PC are decorated with fairies and I love collecting sea shells and rocks. I've got rocks underneath my bed and windowsill. Oh and don't forget that I also love cats.

Meow... I'm a cat lover! 
A little more about Leah Beauty....

Founded in 2015, Leah Beauty is a beauty and lifestyle blog. creating fresh and original content including product reviews, beauty tips and tricks.

I have been featured many times in Rubybox Newsletters for beauty campaigns that I was selected for. I was also featured in "The Poetry Daily" (15 February 2016)

 ( If you would look at my "featured tab" you will find links to the newsletters that I was mentioned in and also a link to the "The Poetry Daily" for my article.)