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Designing for the future: trends we need to consider now

Hallo Beauties,

When we think about about our nails they do tell a story....

A story about us and who we are as a person.  People tend to look at our nails and they form an opinion  about us. Do we take good care of our hand and nails!?

Furthermore our nails compliment our clothes and make-up, hence it's partly the reason why the trend of the nails have changed over time.....

We tend to search for something different or new that the average person doesn't or wouldn't go for! Some even want to be a trend setter.

Regarding to trends they come and go and sometimes they come back just being revamped a little.
Lets take a look at some of the following trends that will become trending much more in the near future...

Speaking of a trend setter ....
I'm sure many of you are aware of Eun Kyung Park on Instagram (@nail_unistella) who are the nail art queen at the famous Unistella salon in Seoal, South Korea. She has created many jaw dropping nail art styles just think of the pom poms and crystals.

Lets's take a look at the latest trend that she have created and it's called...

Wirework nails 

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It's definitely something that have caught everyone's attention!  The "wirework" nail art are are very artsy, but it's difficult to recreate! You may think it easy, but it's not i have tried to create some design and i just couldn't create something that would work on my nails at all, but this look are worth something to look at, especially if you wear it with a nude shade of polish.

If you fancy this look i would suggest that you consult with a beauty salon and ask if they can help you in this request.

Negative Space 

Negative Space

The Negative Space are one of the trends that was a trend for a couple of years already.  It was actually huge in 2015 have moved to Spring of 2016  and have been appearing multiple times already.
One of the latest designs of the Negative Space are the single dot on each nail. The dot may vary; it could be a small to a large dot per nail and it can be a different shade of nail polish.  In the photo above i have used essence the gel nail polish called fame fatal (#16)

"Edible" Nails 

Edible Nails: Aero

2017's hottest nail trend are the 'edible' look. My 'edible' nail look was inspired by one of my favourite chocolates that i like to enjoy during Winter -  Aero Pepperment flavored chocolate.

Or do you prefer doughnuts - go paint some doughnuts on your finger tips! Who said you can't have a little fun "playing" with your food! Right?

For this manicure i have used nail polish from Pep Store's brand (image) shade are Chocolate and the dots was done with Sinful Colors shade Happy Ending (946)

Gold Flakes 

"Gold Flakes" Nail art

Preparing for a night out? Why not opt for the rich black navy or a red shade with gold embellished with gold flakes.  This look is prefect for a night-look.

Flake's are here a long time already, but the way were using them are going to change slightly instead of covering the whole nail it's a bit revamped by just using it halve way.  Personally i like this way much better.

I have painted my nails with essence the gel nail polish black is back (#46) then i have painted just the first halve of my nail with essence Christmas collection of 2015 "Merry berry" top coat.

Artistic Outlines 

Artistic Outlines nail art

Artistic outlines are a huge trend right now and i think it would be here for another season. You could do a variety of outlines. Think of dots all around the nail  various styles that you could do yourself.

This look was created by using essence the gel nail polish black is back (#46). I have used a dotting tool to draw these short stripes.

I like this new trend, since it reminds me so much of needlework we used to do in primary school now it just moved unto our nails!  I bet our school teacher's would have a smile on her face when she would see you rocking this look!

This look would also be effective to wear to work it's not over the top and you can keep it neat by simply using a nude shade as well.

What are your thoughts regarding these nail trends that we have and would you paint your nails with any of these designs?

No excuse for having no idea what to paint your nails with!

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  1. What an eye-opening post! As someone who struggles with my nails, it's neat to see how some people decorate theirs. I love the wires and gold flakes. I'd be afraid of trying to eat my nails if I made them "edible" LOL.

  2. Wirework nails was something I have never seen before. An interesting sculptural statement. Alas, I am challenged when it comes to nail art. I haven't progressed beyond polka dots. But I love seeing what others can do. I haven't seen the Artistic Outlines yet, but I'll keep my eyes open

    1. I'm also more confident in the polka dots and i have kind of mastered the fan brush nail art, but the Artistic outline, have i seen before. Just Google it and you will see plenty of images similar. I want to do more "artistic outlines" in the near future it kind of fun.

  3. The wires are so strange to me. I've never seen that before.

    1. Depends in what SM group you are regarding nail trends etc, but what do you think about the 'wirework' nail art, would you consider wearing this?

  4. Very interesting post. I'm not sure I would wear any of these looks but it does spark some creativity.

    1. Strange that you don't even like the edible nails, since this one are basically like the dotticure and it's one of the basic and yet classic manicure. Just that the colours resembles you favourite food item. But yeah some looks doesnt fit everyone.

  5. I've been loving the wire designs hardcore and keep meaning to give them a try... Maybe now's the time for me to give it a try! :)

    1. Oh give it a try, i would love to see how yours turn out - i will have to play a bit to re-create this look or something similar.