Monday, 27 February 2017


Good Morning Beauties,

How are you all beauties doing today?  Me, i haven't slept yet i was up all night i just couldn't sleep, since i had a lot on my mind and I've watched a lovely movie on YouTube and it made me think..real hard about certain things in life.

I started to blog as an outlet two years ago and it was also something to do, since I don't have a normal job more like a part time job that i do from home. At first i thought blogging isn't so hard, since i had done some blogging for my Computer classes when I was at Varsity, but a lot have change since then.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017


Good Morning Beauties, 

How are you doing?  I sincerely hope that you are all healthy. I have just released this weekend that we tend to take good health for granted!  I had so much pain this weekend in my back that i just felt like giving up on life on it own. During this weekend i remember the words of my dance lecture at Varsity that told us that we should be in tune with our bodies and to listen. So i'm going to implement some relaxing breathing exercises before i go to bed.  It would help me to relax...

Some while ago essence have had the LOVE ~ JOY ~ CARE limited edition and i have decided to purchase the all in one nail care  for my nails, since my nails needed some TLC. 

"this multi-talent with Vitamin e is a ridge filler, base coat, high shine and wear extending top coat and color refresher in one. strengthens and protects the nails against daily damages for beautiful cared nails. "

Friday, 3 February 2017


Hello Beauties,

It's Summer time here in the Mother City and what better way so splash some funky paint on our nails from Sorbet latest release range "Soft Serve" !  This lets's me think of Ice-Cream - Yummy! Who would say no to that!?